Child Protection Policy and Training Program

Child based businesses attract caring, compassionate and patient employees and volunteers that enjoy working with kids and watching them play and grow.  However, these same businesses can also open the door and provide access for someone who looks to do harm to children.


If your business doesn’t have a complete Child Protection Policy, training and recruiting practices in place – you are at risk.


Why Your Business Needs The Best Protection Policy Available

The most obvious reason is to ensure that the children are safe in your care. The less obvious, yet very important reasons your business must be protected are to reduce risk of:

  • Hiring people with malicious intents.
  • Receiving false accusations that can ruin your business and reputation.
  • Losing sponsors who insist on safeguards.
  • Being denied business insurance applications.

A strong policy and training program will become your guide when dealing with difficult situations.


Why Parents Trust Businesses Who Adopt Kidproof Child Protection Policy


They Adopt World-Class Policy and Procedure

  • The Kidproof Child Protection Policy exceeds the 7 Core Elements of international standards for child protection and best practices.

They Provide Child Abuse and Policy Training to Staff and Volunteer

  • All persons that have direct contact with children must complete Child Abuse and Policy training and commit to yearly refresher training.

They Agree to Support Code of Conduct

  • The business/organization has established boundaries between children and adults regarding interactions and misconduct. Each employee and volunteer must sign the Code of Conduct Agreement.

They Are Committed to a Comprehensive Hiring, Recruiting and Screening Process

  • All hiring managers complete specialized training designed to teach them how to look beyond a criminal record check and properly screen individuals to reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person.

Transparency with Policy and Conduct with all Parents

  • All stakeholders must be properly informed and engaged in the safety of children. Therefore, they offer free Kidproof online training on child abuse designed specially for parents and share code of conduct and policy with all parties.


Don’t risk another day.

Get the Kidproof Child Protection Policy Package Today!


Kidproof is the leader in child safety education and we take protecting kids very serious.  The Kidproof Child Protection Policy and Procedure is an affordable, turn key, world-class policy and training program, that can easily be adapted to your business or organization and provide you the guidelines and best practices to ensure that your business is Kid-Safe.

In addition to a full policy, you will receive comprehensive training (online or on site) worksheets, checklists and forms to help guide all areas of business relating to child protection. Some of these include:

  • Volunteer/ Employee Code of Conduct Agreement
  • Hiring Questionnaire (including behavioral analysis, and background checklist)
  • Application Forms
  • Evaluation Checklists
  • Incident Report Forms
  • Training Check list
  • Child Friendly Code of Conduct
  • Reporting Flow Charts
  • And more…
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“We Already have a Policy in place. Will that qualify?”


It is possible. We recognize that many children’s businesses have addressed the issue of child protection in the past, but we have discovered that many are deficient in some areas exposing them to risk.  Short paragraphs that direct employees who to report abuse to is simply not enough and leaves you open to significant and tragic consequences should a child be harmed in your care.

If you are not sure if your policy is putting you and the kids in your care at risk, we are happy to provide a review to determine if there are any deficiencies that you need to be aware of.